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Today January 20, 2022
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Navid No. 2
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Contents of Magazine No. 2

•    First talk – Mr. Gholamreza Chahari        
•    Navid in the Trade Press    
•    Navid in Exhibition of the HSE
•    Alireza Mahjoub: monthly publication of promise of Safety and Health is sacred and admirable – Mrs. Noora Hoseini     
•    Work safety on scaffolding – Mr. Mojtaba Sadeghi             
•    Job stress and ways to deal with it – Mrs. Soosan Saleh Poor     
•    Oncology staff face to face with antineoplastic drugs – Mr. Davood Panahi    
•    Labor law in the Islamic Republic of Iran    
•    Governments have prevented the establishment of HSE organization, an interview with two MPs about the necessity of forming Safety and Health Administration in the country    
•    Violence in the workplace – Mr. Naser Farshad    
•    Water footprint – Mr. Reza Asgari            
•    Ergonomics in writing – Mr. Seyyed Abolfazl Zakerian     
•    The wretched bodies of administrative staff – Mr. Mostafa Khodabakhshi    
•    Patient safety, truth, facts –Translator: Mrs. Sara Shah Hosseini        
•    Temperature inversion, health killer, do not exercise in the morning – Mr.Alireza Nattaj        
•    Knowledge management, organizational culture and human resources – Mrs. Parvaneh Moosavi &  Mrs. Shahnaz Delar Poor & Mrs.Sedigheh Mohammadi Arezoochi        
•    Osteoporosis and Nutrition – Mr. Mohammad Samadi        
•    Organizational and industrial psychology pulses of growth and development – Mrs. Maral Agha Sheikh Hossein            
•    Caricatures         
•    Classic table          


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