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Today January 20, 2022
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Contents of Magazine No. 8, 9

•    First talk – Mr. Gholamreza Chahari         
•    Iranian Safety father, from working in the industry to art in personal life – Atoosa Dolatyari     
•    from Work at the mine to establishing an academic discipline, introduction of the founder of ergonomics in Iran        
•    Hospital staff health promotion in the workplace - Mrs. Elham Movahhed        
•    Job posture assessment observational techniques – Mr. mohammad Mogheyse          
•    Ergonomics in Hospital    
•    The effect of music on the audience – Mr. Ghafoor Askani Zadeh       
•    Sleep ergonomics - Mr. Mehdi Mohaqeqyan Yaghoobi  & Mrs Sajedeh Hasan Zadeh    
•    "Safety, is the industry's golden key" General Director of Labor Inspection and technical Protection Council secretary in an interview with the promise of occupational health and safety  - Atoosa Dolatyari      
•    Crane safety – Mr. Gholamreza Chahari       
•    Risk management, skills needed for HSE experts – Mr. Reza Maleki        
•    FMEA risk assessment methods- Mr. Meysam Hafari    & Mr. Farham Amin Sharei     & Mrs. Delaram Sikaroodi         
•    fire in the car – Mr. Mohsen Khaledi Mofrad        
•    risk management Seasoned with standard – Mr. Reza Arab Ameri        
•    Integrated system of risk management using coding techniques – Mr. Mohammad Ghazban
•    Safety in the national context – Mr. Naser Alavi Far        
•    White Risk – Mr. Ali Rasekh Magham       
•    Fire-fighting, assistance and relief at aircraft – Mr. Havad Ghias     
•    Modeling of progressive accidents using PHAS software – Mr. Masoud Allah Yari (MSc) & Mrs. Zahra Sadat Habibi            
•    Safety with colors – Mrs. Negar Yaghubi Ahangar Kolayi & Mrs. Seyyedeh Samaneh Babanezhad          
•    Personal protective equipment Regulations           
•    The role of environmental management in the implementation of environmental treaties Mr. Amir Hossein Zargar        
•    The United Nations warned about the devastating effects of El Nino  -The emergence of the El Nino: "2016 will be the warmest year in the Earth's history." – Mr. Milad Ahmadi Marzaleh        
•    Scorched earth the  heritage for future – Mr. Asadollah Azim Poor       
•    District 2 of Tehran's Water and Wastewater Performance Report – Mr. Reza Asgari     
•    HSE agency operations – Mr Zolfaghar Avaj       
•    Taking firm steps for the Security of disabled, first HSE citizens conference was held  in the area of elderly and disabled       
•    Let us fight cancer – Mrs. Soosan Saleh Poor       
•    Healthy nutrition in the workplace –Mrs. Sepideh Moosavi      
•    Personality types; to know  our people around better – Mrs. Maral Agha Sheikh Hosein         
•    Learning cardiopulmonary resuscitation – Mr. Alireza Mohseni Poor Phomani     
•     HSE News – Mrs. Ghazal Parsa Sadr          
•    Questions and answers; with the Ministry of Cooperatives, Labor and Social Welfare Inspection experts       
•    HSE in social networks          
•    Risks of housecleaning           
•    The effect of stress on the body            
•    Examine ourselves            
•    The Publication's News       
•    Caricatures          
•    Classic table          
•    News Journal            
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•    Invited to cooperate           


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